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Celebrating 30 years of Streamwatch on 3 September 2020

Sydney Streamwatch will mark its 30th anniversary on the 3rd of September. It is the second longest running Citizen Science program in New South Wales and a few years older than Melbourne Waterwatch,… Continue reading

Henry Sutton – Citizen Scientist inventor

Henry Sutton was an Australian born, self-taught inventor. He invented 23 different types of telephone, a prototype helicopter, the world’s first portable wireless radio, a colour-printing process and a carbon-filament light built just… Continue reading

Was Citizen Scientist, Benjamin Jesty, the pioneer of immunology?

John Cann: Citizen Scientist Extraordinaire

It had taken 25 years for a little curiosity to evolve into a search, then a quest and, ultimately, a race to discover the origins of arguably the best-known turtle in the country.… Continue reading