John Martin and Sydney’s Cockatoos

Polly wants a tracker: wing-tags shed light on Sydney’s cockatoos, 5th September, 2014, Michael Koziol, Sydney Morning Herald. Columbus is a real city slicker. Over six weeks, the sulphur-crested cockatoo has foraged in… Continue reading

Wayne Reynolds – Cape Solander’s Whale Warrior

Citizen science – Ordinary people are playing key roles in increasing our scientific understanding of the world, By Helen O’Neill, Reader’s Digest, March 2014 “Citizen science is prompting scientists to become more imaginative.”… Continue reading

SCIENTIFIC SPECIFIC – Sharing the Stories behind the Research

Scientific Specific is a project  run by Luke Stone and Simon Mould who are postgraduate students in environmental studies at Macquarie University. Their project provides a platform for the environmental leaders of today and tomorrow… Continue reading

People Power Unearths a Hidden World in WA Soils

People power unearths a hidden world in WA soils, Karl Gruber in ECOS, CSIRO 15th September 2014 Why would 400 or more Western Australians, trowels and GPS devices in hand, take to the… Continue reading